Manifestion vs Motivation

Produces comes from Source. Bear the Fruit, do not produce the Fruit.

Learn how to use the Fruit of The Spirit and Manifest Your Dream Life.

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What is Manifesting?

It is not as mystical as you may think. We are ALL manifesting at every moment of the day. We are energy in a human body, playing in a bigger field of energy. Manifesting Beauty is not wishing or demanding for things, but is a way of living. You do not have to play the hand you have been dealt in life. You can learn about The Universal Law of Attraction, and how to manifest properly to deliberately create your life. Personalized by You, once you learn how to tune into God/Source/Universe, (whatever name you are using trust that The Higher Power hears you.) You can change what you are manifesting.


Definition: The reason or reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Trying to Manifest, Scripting, Affirmations working at it. Goal setting vs intending.

How to Manifest Beauty

Becoming a deliberate creator is a way of life using the negative circumstances or feelings as a catalyst to wanted circumstances and feelings- through- alignment with Source & Yourself. We are still connected to Source/God/Universe/Higher Power/The Father of Lights. You can enhance your connection and learn how to communicate properly. It is felt with, and through our emotions energy in motion.

Our EGO: The EGO is NOT Bad when understanding Self Love & Love of Self.

Love of Self is loving our connection to The Source. This Self is seated with God/Higher power. It is what The Great Teacher was refering to. Our thoughts create our lives. It is time to start thinking properly. Self Love is loving the persona, the prefrences and the body you now inhabit. Your Ego the correct definiton is how those prefences are selected and our connection to Source. That definition is: a person's sense of self esteem or self acceptance. Psychoanalysis: The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and sense of personal identity. Philosophy: in metaphysics, a conscious thinking subject. Orgin 19th century: from Latin, literally meaning "I." Enhancing our connection and loving self makes for easier creations. I am sharing my real life manifesting stories. The successful manifestations and the ones that have not yet manifested. Or how I have been shown a different path is better. Here is a quick diagram of How Manifesting Works. It is HOW we work, no matter if your belief is we were created or evolved.
  • You become aware of a desire
  • It syncs with the Source in You
  • It is Uploaded to the free WiFi Source is our FREE WiFi
  • You recieve a code or impulse
  • Manifestation. Emotional or Physical. Cycle repeats

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